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Learning to fly at Boonah Gliding Centre is a rewarding challenge. Our instructors will guide you through a training syllabus designed to have you flying confidently and safely.

Schedule of fees

Club Membership

Fees are due annually, on the 30th of June and mid-year memberships are prorated. Contact the club for full details.
  • Joining Fee (One Off)
  • $115.00

  • Membership 12 Months
  • $315.00 per annum
  • Flying Account Deposit
  • $150.00
  • 3 Month Membership
  • Call for details

Gliding Federation of Australia Fees

New members must join and pay on the GFA website

  • Regular Membership
  • $275.00

  • Youth/Student
  • $143.00

  • Three Month
  • $143.00

Glider Hire

Prices detailed below are basic rates. For full rates please contact the club.
  • ASK-21
  • $1.00/min
  • Twin Astir
  • $1.00/min
  • Astir CS
  • $0.78/min

Tug Hire

Tow charges are based on the glider release altitude above airfield height. There is a minimum charge for tows up to 1000 feet, and then an additional charge for every 100 feet of climb beyond that. Average tow cost is approximately $50

  • Minimum Charge 1000 feet
  • $32.30
  • Base Charge
  • $17.00
  • Every 100 feet above ground level
  • $1.53

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