BGC COVID 19 Protocols

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Gliding operations continue with some limitations. They are open to all members and will include solo and instructional flights and AEFs .  It is mandatory to sign an attendance record sheet that is held by the Duty Pilot. There must be no gatherings of more than 10 people.

Social distancing measures must be adhered to as well as hand hygiene and the wiping down of glider controls and handles with detergent after flights(see Covid Safety Plan). Do not attend if you are feeling in the least unwell. Do not attend if you have had any contact with a confirmed, or suspected COVID, case (or their contacts) or have been abroad,to Victoria, NSW or any ‘contact hotspots’ in Queensland, or elsewhere in the last 14 days, ( even if you have done so under permit).

As a reminder BGC MOSP Rules for currency are:

-for pilots with less than 75 hours of gliding it is having flown a glider within the last 30 days.

-for pilots with more than 75 hours it is 90 days.

-have had a satisfactory AFR in the last 12 months.

-have a current medical declaration and be a financial member of both  BGC and GFA.

-can present their logbook to the Duty Instructor.

(NB; it is at the discretion of the Duty Instructor if any pilot requires a check flight regardless of the above)