Estimated Costs

Safe and Affordable!

Gliding is one of the most affordable forms of recreational aviation. There are a few initial expenses such as the Gliding Australia joining fee, the Club join fee and Club membership fee (charged pro rata throughout the year).

The flight fee is made up of the aerotow fee and glider hire. These vary depending on how high you take a launch and how long you are airborne. During the training phase you can budget roughly that each flight on average will be near $100. Compare this to power flight training which is 3 or 4 times this amount! Our instructors are all volunteers and there is no instructional fee per se. Be assured though, our gliding training is very well structured and all instructors qualified and regularly revalidated.

If you have booked an AEF and you are unable to take it as planned or the weather is unsuitable we are happy to rearrange it for you at no extra cost ( please contact [email protected]).