Biennial AFRs effective 3rd August 2020

John Tucker Noticeboard

CASA recently approved Operations Directive (OD) 01/20 ‘Flight Reviews’, which comes into effect on 3 August 2020.

This OD extends the frequency of a flight review required under GFA Operational Regulation 3.3.5 up to a maximum of 24 months. It also replaces the guidance in the GFA Instructors Handbook (Part 2) with the guidance in new Operations Advice Notice (OAN) 01/20 ‘Flight Reviews’.

These two documents can be downloaded from the following links:

The Manual of Standard Procedures Part 2 (Operations) has been updated at Sections 10.4 and 11.3.4 to reflect this changed process. You can download the current version of MOSP 2 at this link:

From 3 August 2020, all Flight reviews must be conducted to the new process. As part of this process, the candidate must undertake an online exam and provide evidence of completion to their instructor. The online ‘Exam Menu’ can be accessed via the ‘MyGFA’ tile in ‘GoMembership’. Direct links to the exam follow:

Please note that the system does not apply retrospectively. Flight Reviews conducted prior to 3 August 2020 are subject to the existing Rules and Regulations and are only valid for 12 months.

Following a successful flight review the reviewing instructor is required to complete a ‘Notification of Flight Review’ form and endorse the pilot’s logbook. The pilot under review must upload a copy of the completed ‘Notification of Flight Review’ form to a new ‘Flight Review’ credential in their member profile.

A link to the ‘Notification of Flight Review’ form will be sent to the member upon completion of the online exam, and personal details and flight experience should be completed in advance of the actual flight review. A copy of the form can also be downloaded from this link:

New logbook endorsement stickers are available from this link:

To assist answer any questions from your members, we have prepared a detailed ‘Question and Answer’ document, which is available on the GFA website at this link:

Note: While the maximum period between reviews is 24 months, the reviewing Instructor (or Club Training Panel) may set a shorter interval if considered appropriate. Factors that may suggest a shorter interval could include a newly issued GPC, currency or recency considerations, airmanship or judgement considerations, or ageing pilot considerations.